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Subject: .... of possible interest ....
Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002 18:52:39 +0000

u dont know m3, w3'v3 n3v3r spok3n b4, but I tripp3d onto your sit3, and I'm curr3ntly living through 
som3thing v3ry fishy and strang3. U and your fri3nds s33m to lik3 conspiraci3s and th3 lik3, and 
obviously know ur way arround th3 w3b. I'v3 got two sit3s you should ch3ck out, 
&, do the "math", and r3spond if you c wh3r3 I'm going with this or if u int3r3st3d 
but r3quir3 mor3 info....

ps-f33l fr33 to ch3ck the s3curity on both sit3s, u may find it amuzing....

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