[VIM] CVE number confusion in HP OV NNM products

Steven M. Christey coley at linus.mitre.org
Tue Jul 27 15:45:12 CDT 2010


Due to an accidental switch of CVEs by VUPEN in their two advisories on OV 
NNM, there's a little bit of confusion about CVE numbers.  I've clarified 
things with both VUPEN and HP.

CVE-2010-2703 is for the ov.dll vector, found by both ZDI and VUPEN,
listed in HPSBMA02557 and SSRT100025.  VUPEN's ov.dll advisory 
inadvertently used the wrong CVE.

CVE-2010-2704 is for the VUPEN-discovered nnmrptconfig.exe vector, covered 
in HPSBMA02558 / SSRT100158 (also SSRT010158, presumably a typo in the HP 
advisory ID).

- Steve

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