[VIM] AOL Security Contact

Aviram Jenik aviram at beyondsecurity.com
Fri Sep 21 00:38:30 UTC 2007

Here's an answer from a guy from AOL's security team:

secvuln at aol.net is the correct address for reporting AOL product, client, host 
or application security vulnerability and related security issues.
I have no answer to why the requestor is unable to resolve aol.net,
but it does exist and is read by human beings (This is my team).

- Aviram

On Thursday 20 September 2007 Matthew Murphy wrote:
> List Readers:
> I have a contact who would like to report a security issue to AOL.
> Being familiar with the response history for AOL's lovely automated
> feedback form, I am hesitant to recommend he take that route.
> CVE-2004-0636 was handled in this way, and it was a disaster; from
> what others have told me, things have not improved measurably since
> August of 2004.
> Does anyone have a contact at AOL that a human being will read, and I
> can provide some assurance of this?  OSVDB lists secvuln at aol.net, but
> aol.net doesn't resolve for me.
> - Matt

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