[VIM] TRUE: Open Translation Engine (OTE) 0.7.8 RFI (+ XSS)

Heinbockel, Bill heinbockel at mitre.org
Mon May 7 15:48:49 UTC 2007

MILW0RM: 3838

In the OTE 0.7.8 package:

File dev/skin/header.php (line 11):
	include($ote_home . '/skins/css.php');

Additionally, there appear to be some XSS issues
later on (lines 13-17):
	?><title><? echo $title ?></title>
	</head><body><form><table border="0" cellpadding="0"
cellspacing="0" class="head
  	<td width="60" class="header_reverse"><a href="<? echo $web_url
. '/'; ?>"><b>OTE</b></a></td>
  	<td class="header_small"><?  echo $title ?></td>

As you can see, the title and web_url parameters are neither defined
nor passed through htmlspecialchars() or similar.

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The MITRE Corporation
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