[VIM] True: Flip-search-add-on everything.php incpath RFI

Ferdy Riphagen f.riphagen at nsec.nl
Thu May 3 19:53:07 UTC 2007

Vuln: Flip-search-add-on everything.php incpath RFI
Link: http://seclists.org/bugtraq/2007/Apr/0225.html
Researcher: KaRTaL

Package is an add-on replacement code for the already existing 
"everything.php" in the Flip packages. A Flip package 2.x is needed to 
make it do something...

# everything.php
8   @include("options.php");
9   @include($incpath."users.php");
10 require_once($incpath."head.php");

Flip version 2.1.1 defines 'incpath'  in options.php, version 2.0.1 not, 
so it depends in the actual flip code used (I only found these two)
Additional, as from 11/2005 the project is announced more-or-less not in 
active development any more.


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