[VIM] Novell BorderManager ISAKMP issue smells like a dupe

Steven M. Christey coley at mitre.org
Sat Mar 3 21:22:54 EST 2007



  (CVE forthcoming)



All the vuln DB's have created separate ID's for these advisories.
CVE-2006-5286 was released in Oct 2006, and the other was released in
Nov 2006.

Both references point to bmvpnsec1.exe as a patch, and so does the
CONFIRM in this item.  However, 3003139 does not reference TID2974551,
CVE-2006-5286, or any other item that can prove a correlation between
the two.  In addition, 3003139 mentions other more serious impacts
that were not in TID2974551.  So, who knows whether these are really
the same or not.

- Steve

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