[VIM] "ppc engine" is WGS-PPC

Steven M. Christey coley at mitre.org
Tue Jan 9 19:46:45 EST 2007

Researcher: IbnuSina
Ref: BUGTRAQ ppc engine Multiple file inclusion

A Google search of inurl:"ppcbannerclick.php" resulted in the
discovery that the real product is WGS-PPC.  This was apparently a
commercial product somewhere around 2002-2004, but it has since been
retired, ripped off, repackaged, and resold, as appears to be the case
with many PHP products.  The executables as mentioned in the
disclosure lined up with a version that I downloaded from a site of
questionable motivation.  Due to copyright/intellectual property
uncertainties, I decided to delete the product immediately instead of
verifying the researcher claims.

- Steve

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