[VIM] Savant2 oddity

security curmudgeon jericho at attrition.org
Mon Sep 11 13:19:47 EDT 2006

: > What am I missing here..
: I am not sure yet what the relationship between Joomla and Savant2 is,
: but it seems that the issue stems from the com_mtree component. If you
: google "com_mtree component" take a look at:
: http://extensions.joomla.org/component/option,com_mtree/task,viewlink/link_id,102/Itemid,35/
: download and try to grep again.

I saw the com_mtree references last night, but didn't see the download 

The above URL downloads "com_joomlaxplorer_1.4.0.tar.gz", which has 
several occurances of mosConfig_absolute_path, but not in files with 
'Savant' in the name.


>From the CHANGELOG.txt, potentially of interest:

--- version 1.3.2 released ---
- fixed various problems (create file/directory, archiving, download) with 

--- version 1.3.0 released ---
- the home directory is now ONE LEVEL ABOVE the joomla/mambo directory.
        If you have joomla inside 
        You will be able to browse to the root directory
        ! Check if you want this behaviour. When not, see 
/.config/conf.php line 41....

: > http://phpsavant.com/api/Savant2/Savant2/_Savant2_Savant2_Compiler_basic_php.html
: > 
: > forced /tmp/Savant2-2.4.3# find . -type f -name \*compiler\* -print
: > forced /tmp/Savant2-2.4.3#
: Try:
: josh at lab1:~/savant2$ find . -type f -name \*Compiler\* -print
: ./Savant2-2.4.3/Savant2/Compiler.php
: ./Savant2-2.4.3/Savant2/Savant2_Compiler_basic.php

oops =)

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