[VIM] FtpXQ Server Default Accounts

security curmudgeon jericho at attrition.org
Fri Nov 3 23:22:31 EST 2006



The trial version FtpXQ server installs the two accounts. The 
"Installation Completed" screen reads:

   The FtpQX Server has been successfully installed.

   FtpXQ is setup with two sample users by default called 'test' and
   'anonymous'. The password for the user ID 'test' is 'test'. The
   'anonymous' ID is a special ID and does not require a password.

   WARNING: Please note that the 'test' user has READ and WRITE permissions
   on the C: drive by default, and the 'anonymous' user has READ access on
   the C: drive by default, so administrators must ensure that these IDs,
   passwords, and permissions are changed appropriately before running
   FtpXQ in a production or unprotected environment. These setting can be
   changed from FTP Options screen, on the User Settings and Security tabs.

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