[VIM] vuln DB gathering at Black Hat? (fwd)

security curmudgeon jericho at attrition.org
Mon Jul 31 12:59:36 EDT 2006

Just a reminder!

VIM/VDB gathering at BlackHat. This is open to anyone that works with 
VDBs, not just VIM members. 8:30, Shadow Bar (Caesars), Wed August 2.

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Subject: Re: [VIM] vuln DB gathering at Black Hat?

Wanted to follow up on a VIM/VDB meeting at Black Hat.  We would like to 
propose that we meet Wednesday, August 2.  Lets say at 20:30 @ the Shadow Bar. 
This should give time for Jericho to finish up hacker court and others time to 
hang out at the reception if they so choose...

If you definitely plan on meeting up then email me off list and we can trade 
contact information in case there are any issues.

Hope to see you guys soon!

jkouns wrote:
>> : Will various people be going to Black Hat?  Would it be worth having a : 
>> gathering of some sort?  Even if it's just to complain in person instead : 
>> of on this list :)
>> I will be there for one or two days of BH as well as most of the weekend for 
>> Defcon.
> I think that is a great idea!  I will be there on Tuesday.....  When it gets 
> a bit closer lets pick a time as it we will have a better idea of the OSVDB 
> events, etc.
> See you soon,
> --Jake

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