[VIM] Searching for a good Bugtraq and Full-disclosure mirror...

security curmudgeon jericho at attrition.org
Wed Jul 5 18:56:29 EDT 2006

: I am looking for a mirror for Bugtraq and Full-disclosure postings for 
: data mining and searching purposes.
: Currently, marc.theaimsgroup.com is being used due to it's decent search 
: capabilities. The problem is that it does not provide the full e-mail 
: subject line on the results page.
: SecurityFocus provides the full subject (formatting aside) for at least 
: Bugtraq, but it's search capability is definitely lacking.
: I've tried some other mirrors, but have found most to have sub par 
: search capabilities (I'm looking for full subject and body text search) 
: and/or lack of options (results must be sorted by descending timestamp).
: So, what site do you guys turn to when you need to search the Bugtraq 
: and/or Full-disclosure mailing lists?

For day to day use, archives.neohapsis.com but it uses google as the 
search engine, and doesn't display some other header information that can 
be useful. I can't cite any examples right off, but when there is a 
question of the date/time published, neohapsis (and other archives) will 
only show the client set date, which may be wrong.

Personally, if I need more details I use a local copy of the archived 
posts and grep/search as needed. Using procmail to save a copy of each 
list into its own folder has been incredibly helpful over the last few 

-rw-------    1 jericho  users     7685783 Sep 29  2002 archive-bugtraq-001.gz
-rw-------    1 jericho  users     4156684 Apr  7  2003 archive-bugtraq-002.gz
-rw-------    1 jericho  root      1144284 Nov 14  2003 archive-bugtraq-003.gz
-rw-------    1 jericho  root      2345681 Mar 23  2004 archive-bugtraq-004.gz
-rw-------    1 jericho  root      2870984 Aug 25  2004 archive-bugtraq-005.gz
-rw-------    1 jericho  root      5525875 Apr 15  2005 archive-bugtraq-006.gz
-rw-------    1 jericho  root      4849768 Nov 21  2005 archive-bugtraq-007.gz

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