[VIM] Jetbox CMS file include - CVE dispute

Heinbockel, Bill heinbockel at mitre.org
Tue Aug 29 14:07:16 EDT 2006

Since this has appeared on BUGTRAQ from two different researchers
over the span of the past couple of days:

Researcher: D3nGeR
BUGTRAQ:20060825 Jetbox CMS search_function.php Remote File

Researcher: CarcaBot
BUGTRAQ:20060828 JetBox cms (search_function.php) Remote File Include

Source code analysis of includes/phpdig/libs/search_function.php in 
Jetbox CMS 2.1.SR1 shows the line(s) being referenced
> Line 423:   <?php include
$relative_script_path.'/libs/htmlheader.php' ?>
> Line 426:   <?php include $relative_script_path.'/libs/htmlmetas.php'

However, these lines are included within the following function,
at the top of the file: (Lines 18-21)
>	function phpdigSearch($id_connect, $query_string,
$option='start', $refine=0,
>		$refine_url='', $lim_start=0, $limite=10, $browse=0,
>		$site=0, $path='', $relative_script_path = '.',
>		$template_links='')

This function is called from line 46 in search.php, with the
variable, which is statically declared on line 26:
>  $relative_script_path='includes/phpdig';

We see no way to exploit this, so CVE is marking as DISPUTED.

William Heinbockel
Infosec Engineer
The MITRE Corporation
202 Burlington Rd. MS S145
Bedford, MA 01730
heinbockel at mitre.org

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