[VIM] Saphp Lesson

Steven M. Christey coley at mitre.org
Sat Oct 29 13:30:26 EDT 2005

Regarding this post by aLMaSTeR:

  BUGTRAQ:20051024 SQL saphp Lesson

I've been cruising Google for a while, and it took ages to figure out
what "saphp" is/was.  I tried alternate spellings such as
"saphplesson" and "saphp lesson", to no avail.  The only matches were
vulnerability reports.

However, "saphpLesson2.0" seems to point to various web sites that use
showcat.php and the forumid parameter.  The sites are using some
Arabic language.  The "dros/" part of the URL does not seem to be
inherent to the product.

The source site may have been www.saphp.com, but the site currently
doesn't have any information on it.

Other useful search strings are "saphp Lesson1.1"

- Steve

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