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While the Sticklist is not a fundraising message service, I do think it important to report on success stories of Alumni support to Valley Forge that originate at the unofficial 'grassroots' level by members of the broader Forge Alumni community.   As you may recall, the 2007 choir robes project sponsored by Continental Online enjoyed similar support and ultimately collected more than was asked for, with the extra cash going to support Chapel operations.   Here, a Band-specific project is off to a similar positive start in just under two weeks' time!!   

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May 24, 2010

Dear Alumni Bandsmen,

Recently, we shared with you the opportunity to participate in a special project to support the Band.  During Homecoming weekend, we learned that the full dress Mace is in very fragile condition and needs to be replaced before it can be retired to the Museum.  Additionally, the Band has been invited to participate in the Lord Mayor of London’s annual New Year’s Day parade.  The parade will be celebrating its 25th anniversary, and it is a great honor to Valley Forge and our Band to lead it this year. 

Since starting the project to raise funds for both of these important purposes, we have heard from many of you regarding details on the mace.  The new mace will be a replica of the current one, and Bandmaster Evans received price quotes from a master craftsman who will create the new mace.  With our full support, Mr. Evans has chosen sterling silver for the top of the mace over brass or silver plate.  The cost of the new mace is $8500 and it will be a fitting and beautiful successor to the mace that led all of us in parade and served as the iconic symbol that all associate with the Valley Forge Military Academy and College Band.

In slightly over two weeks’ time, a total of $5150 in outright gifts has been received!   Pledges totaling at least $1000 have also been made and will be paid shortly.  We are delighted with the progress of this project, and we extend our sincere thanks to those of you who have contributed or pledged.  At the end of this project we will share with you the names of all of the donors.

We want to accomplish two things, which is why we still need your support.  First, we need to assure Bandmaster Evans that all of the funds needed for the new mace will be raised.  Second, we need to assist him with funding that will lessen the burden that he and the cadets must assume to be able to lead the parade in London.  By going to England to participate in this parade, the Band doesn’t just represent Valley Forge; it is a reflection of all of us and what we accomplished as Bandsmen in our day.  

We hope that you share our pride as Band Alumni.  The Bands of our past assured us of Valley Forge’s greatness.  The Bands of the future inspire us to believe that Valley Forge will endure.

Please, support the Band.  Send your contribution with a notation on the check that this is for the Mace/London Trip Project.  Bandmaster Evans will ensure that our gifts support this project.

Courage, Honor, Conquer.

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