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  (received c/o AABOD Chairman Niles Dailly just now....-rick)

Radnor Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee
Mr. Steve Paolantonio, Chair
206 Walnut Ave.
Wayne, PA 19087

September 4, 2009

Re: Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee Meeting September 3,  
2009. Report by Mr. John Simon

Dear Chairman Paolantonio and Members of the Committee,

I have just had the opportunity to view the video tape of the above  
meeting. I would like to take this opportunity to address the report  
given by Mr. John Simon on Valley Forge Military Academy & College.

There appears to be some inadvertent confusion and misunderstanding,  
which I believe is emanating from the use of the term “College” in a  
context distinctly separate from the use of “Military Academy.”  
Additionally, there was a major shift in the committee’s understanding  
and interpretation when the meeting transitions from Mr. Simon’s  
report to Mr. Paolantonio’s questioning. I would like to make the  
following points to address any inaccuracies that may flow from the  

The committee’s representative says that we are converting from “a  
military Academy to a College” over the next five years. This  
phraseology unintentionally gives the impression that Valley Forge is  
moving from a “military Academy & College” to a “military Academy and  
a civilian College,” which is incorrect. Both the Academy and the  
College will continue to be the finest military Academy and military  
College in the country. There is not, nor has there ever been, any  
plan to move from Valley Forge’s unique military posture in either the  
Academy or the College.

The statement is made that we have been designated the “Military  
Academy of Pennsylvania” which is also inaccurate. The school’s  
college has had the distinct honor of being designated the official  
“Military College of Pennsylvania™” by the state legislature through  
HR #335. This designation alone clearly underscores the institution’s  
commitment to the military model of education, not only in the  
college, but also in the academy.

The representative reports that the College will be 40% military and  
60 % civilian, which is an unfortunate misunderstanding. What I said  
in our discussion was that approximately 40% of our College goes on to  
the military in pursuit of a military commission; the other 60% goes  
on to a civilian college. It should be clear that we see our growth  
occurring in the College, which we hope will be at 475 cadets in the  
College by 2028. It is our intention of capping the Academy enrollment  
at approximately 300, for a total enrollment of 775.

The school would be happy to send a representative to meet with the  
committee and address any questions and/or misconceptions that may  
exist. Should you wish to pursue that action please contact me to  
arrange to do so.

We thank you Mr. Chairman, and all the members of your committee, for  
your service to our community. We also thank you for the wonderful  
remarks that you made about our cadets. We to are confident that if  
asked, they (the VFMA&C Cadets) would help you mow the lawn.


Tony McGeorge
Valley Forge Military Academy & College
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