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Richard Forno rforno at infowarrior.org
Tue Nov 11 13:41:20 UTC 2008

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The following was received from John Rapp '74C and is being passed  
along to the Sticklist both with his permission and my strong  
agreement.   Happy Veterans Day, and Thank You.   - Rick '90 '92C

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Dear Friends,

All of you are receiving this as you all have something in common. You  
are either still serving our Country proudly or you have retired after  
doing so!

At least twice a year, Americans are reminded that if it were not for  
you and for the many that I do not know, we would not be able to enjoy  
what it means to be a proud American. The sacrifices that you endure  
so others can be free is enormous. We only can listen to stories and  
imagine what goes through your lives at times of peril, deployment,  
overseas duty and the like.  And we try to support you to the best of  
our ability along the way.

I, like so many others realize that we need to do more for all those  
who have served in the Armed Forces. So if nothing else, I need to  
thank those I know personally and ask that you thank others who you  
come into contact with who have given of themselves to make us all  
both PROUD and FREE.

Yet there is sadness in today just as when Memorial Day arrives in the  
Spring. While we may frolic and wax nostalgiac on this day honoring  
our military, we never really pay homage to the others -- the ones who  
are not with us to join in that celebration.  The others I refer to  
are remembered by us at the Forge every time we hear that solemn  
phrase read in Chapel honoring those who “paid the highest price to be  
called an American.”

So on this 11 November, please say "thank you" to a serviceperson!

Thanks, and Happy Veterans Day


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