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Gentlemen --

Over the past few weeks I've received several inquiries regarding the
assimilation and integration of females into the Academy.  Apparently, this
news item started gathering momentum and increased interest within the
Alumni and Parents communities recently after several individuals received
a survey from the school soliciting feedback on the matter.

Rather than blindly fuel the flames of speculation, last week I penned a
note to VFMAC President Tony McGeorge asking for some official
clarification that could be relayed to the Alumni community regarding this
matter. As such, Tony's response to me appears below, and I appreciate his
taking the time to respond to my inquiry so promptly.

Relayed for your information,

Rick Forno '90 '92C

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Conversation: Clarification requested
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Hello Rick,

The Board of Trustees voted to approve the assimilation of females into the
academy as part of the three year strategic plan presented in July 2007.
The approach would be to accomplish the assimilation by the 3rd year of the
plan. You may recall the assimilation of females was included in both the
alumni updates of June 28 and then again on December 15, 2007.

As an initial step, a survey was sent to parents, students, alumni and
staff to: a) identify associated issues and sentiments, and b) ascertain
possible assimilation strategies. Valley Forge has assimilated women in the
college more successfully than any other Military College. It is our aim to
be equally successful in the Academy if that is the course of action chosen
upon completion of the research.

The first phase of the program referenced above, market research, was
launched last week with the mailing of surveys to the four groups mentioned
above. Each survey recipient received the enclosed explanation:

With the adoption of the "Three-Year Strategic Plan" in spring 2007, the
Valley Forge Military Academy Foundation Board of Trustees approved the
assimilation of females at the school.  The goal of Valley Forge Military
Academy is to gather input from all constituencies who are vested in the
successful growth of the Academy (grades 7 through 12). Your assistance in
completing the attached survey regarding the assimilation of females into
the Academy will provide input through which we can filter national trends
in private secondary enrollment.

For example:

*    VFMA represents a very small market niche:  The boarding-only and
boarding/day markets represent less than 10% of the total private school
market.  Nearly all students attend day-only schools.

*    Single-sex, all-male schools have experienced an 8.6% decline in
enrollment since 2003, while military schools (boarding only and
boarding/day) have experienced a 25.2% decline (on average) during that
same time period.

*    Co-educational institutions have experienced an enrollment increase of
3.4% since 2003.

Your input regarding the Academy integration will be greatly appreciated,
and we welcome your comments.  Thank you for contributing your time and
your voice, and we look forward to hearing from you. Should you receive a
survey, please help us by taking the time to complete it. You may also be
of help by answering any question which may be directed your way.

I hope this brief explanation is helpful to you and your constituency.

Tony McGeorge 
Valley Forge Military Academy & College
tmcgeorge at vfmac.edu

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