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Sat Mar 29 13:37:55 UTC 2008

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Choir Robe Project Announced!

One of the most memorable aspects of attending Chapel service at Valley
Forge Military Academy and College is the sight and sound of the Choir as
they process down the aisle at the start of services. Whether as a cadet
sitting in a pew, a cadet participating in the Choir, or an alumnus and
guest returning to witness the services you remember from your own cadet
days, it is an image that is indelibly etched into your memory as an
important part of your days at Valley Forge.

ContinentalOnLine.org is proud to announce that it is sponsoring a fund
raising project to support the purchase of new choir robes at Valley Forge.
The robes that are currently in use are old and in very fragile condition.
The Choirmaster and Chaplain are eager to replace the robes and restore the
level of pageantry that is such an important part of each Chapel service.

The cost of each robe and stole is $90.00. The goal is to raise enough
funds to purchase fifty robes, for a total cost of $4,500.

We are excited to tell you that one pledge of $500 has been made by an
individual and a contribution of $300 from another individual has been
received! We hope that this generous support will encourage you to join us,
whether it is for the purchase of one robe or perhaps more.

Please assist us in this important effort to maintain the level of
tradition that is important to all Alumni. Your check, made payable to
VFMAC Foundation, with a notation that it is for the Choir Robe Project,
should be sent directly to Colonel John E. Steele, Chaplain. Colonel Steele
will retain a record of the donors and donation amounts, and he will ensure
that a restricted account is established in the Finance Office until
sufficient funds are collected to purchase the new robes.

We thank you for assisting us in this very worthwhile project.

Courage, Honor, Conquer!

Joseph Allen '86C
Thomas Balish '78, '80JC
Paul McKenna '79JC
John Rapp '74JC
Susan Rapp
Dan Wolfe '74, '76JC

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