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State Rep. Bryan Lentz

Lentz resolution honors Valley Forge Military College, distinguishes it as
official military college of Pennsylvania

HARRISBURG, Oct. 23 ­ The House of Representatives today adopted a
resolution (H.R. 335) introduced by state Rep. Bryan Lentz, D-Delaware,
designating the Valley Forge Military College as the official military
college of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Valley Forge Military College is a private, coeducational, two-year college
enrolling approximately 220 cadets in its first- and second-year programs.
It is one of only five early commissioning military programs in the entire
United States.

³In this era of global war, it is certain that our country will continue
to have a critical demand to produce trained professional military
officers,² Lentz said. ³The Valley Forge Military College has trained
many fine young men and women to lead honorable careers in the military and
beyond and should be recognized for its contributions to the safety and
integrity of our country.²

Lentz added that students at Valley Forge Military College benefit from a
complete military school education that encompasses a strong academic
program, leadership opportunities, character development, athletic
competition, physical fitness, extracurricular activities and social
interactions with a diverse group of peers.

When students leave Valley Forge Military College, some pursue military
careers or attend the nation's most-respected service academies, while
others continue on to the country's most competitive four-year colleges and

Lentz himself is a fourth-generation Army veteran and, after graduating
from Valley Forge Military Academy and Junior College in 1984, he received
a full Army scholarship to attend Georgetown University.

³If Pennsylvania is to retain a role in the training and education of our
military officer corps, it is essential that Valley Forge Military College
be a vibrant and sustainable institution,² Lentz said. ³Its proud and
distinguished tradition is an asset to our Commonwealth and deserves our
full support.²

The many accomplished Valley Forge Military College alumni include General
H. Norman Schwarzkopf, Admiral Gary Roughead, Wesley "Wes" Moore, Colonel
Herbert Raymond McMaster, and Colonel Walter T. Lord.


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