My box-o-crap!

September 12, 2010 at 1335



The folks at attrition are the best stalkers ever. I am not sure if it was my love of the majestic stoat or what, but I received a most excellent box of assorted sundries.

Presentation is key, and the first box makes it clear who this box is for.

My cat.


The box starts off great with a little mushroom-on pig action. There are neat little stickers and keys that spell my name.

The box includes twist ties, for some light bondage action.

A condom and candle for some safe romance.

And a key to the spa room where presumably all the action will take place.

A $1 scratch off lottery ticket and a mysterious baggie of white crystals (it.s salt) were also included.

Snort pig is dubious.

This tiny ninja playset provides hours and hours of fun, but the coup de grace was:

Sideways mushroom friend! He gazes at me adoringly from the magnet board in my home office. Who knows what mysteries he contemplates in his fuzzy little dome.

Also included, but not pictured, was a little catnip ball which both my dogs and my cat, Wookiee, enjoyed stealing from each other. I tried to get a video of Wookiee playing with the ball, but he had hidden it in some top secret cat hiding place. When I tried to interview him on his opinions on the ball the the box of crap in general, his response was:

Wookiee is a cat who does not mince words.

All told, the box of crap was a very nice gesture and will be reciprocated as soon as I can find a tranquilizer that will keep Wookiee asleep for the duration of shipment.

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