Artist: Live

Album: The Distance to Here

Review by: Rasputin

Live has continued their tradition of great music with a message on the latest album, The Distance to Here. Nothing has changed in their style or quality of music, other than it is perhaps richer and deeper than before.

"Where Fishes Go" for example, carries a message of salvation and hope reminiscent of that found in "Operation Spirit" from Mental Jewelry. Live is one of the few bands that is huge in mainstream media that talks to us about Judeo-Christian values and gets away with it, similar to what the band Creed has managed to pull of rather nicely. Most people don't like being preached to at all, but they are willing to take it in small doses with their music. A band that can pull that off is truly talented.

Live also speaks to us about life in general, love, and the lack of love and tolerance in the world today. They do this while still letting us know it will be ok, there is hope, and not all is lost. Their music and their message is somewhat unique and uncynical in that regard.

Fans of any of the previous three albums will not be disappointed. Ed Kowalczyk's vocals are just as powerful, moving, and haunting as in his previous work, while the guitar and bass of Chad Taylor and Patrick Dahlheimer grip the music lover's heart in the deepest parts and don't let go until they are through with you. After listening to the album, this reviewer felt thirsty for more and threw Secret Samadhi, Throwing Copper, and Mental Jewelry into the CD changer for a couple of hours.

The Distance to Here has shown us that Live is truly one of the great bands of this decade, and we can all hope they continue on this way into the next.

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