Artist: Jane Jensen

Album: Comic Book Whore

"I wanna be a super sonic cheeka" and that she is. Years after her first album, I find myself waiting for her return and hoping that she is still in the music game.

I picked up her CD a few years back in a time when music was becoming quite stale. No doubt that is one of the reasons I look forward to second albums from her and other artists, music is stale again. Despite what was being said, this wasn't just a play album by some young teen girl looking for a quick buck. It only took a single song to hook me on the album, the rest of the addiction came easy.

Jane's music comes across as a frustrated but beautiful voice riding on an interesting mix of samples, drums, and loops. Using effects to mimic singing through a phone call and other unconventional filters allow her to break up the monotony that many other vocalists suffer from. Over a year ago I described her music as "Moody, bitchin and groovy", and that still works for me.

Concert #1: I caught Jane at Herman's Hideaway in Denver at a free show put on by KBPI (106.7). The live versions of her songs are quite different than the album but damn good. She was real energetic and put on a really good show. Her playing in a total dive bar seemed to be appropriate for some bizarre reason. Maybe it was just relaxing with a beer watching an underage chick drink and play great music. I know, I'm sick.

Concert #2: Jane played at the "KPBI Birthday Bash" where she put on a great show. Like the previous show, she was quite energetic and playful on stage. On top of her regular set, she played a previously unheard song, and continued to perform for the crowd. Jane was quite friendly backstage and posed for pictures as well as gave autographs. Too bad I used a shitty disposable camera and the pix didn't come out.

History: Bob Gourley has provided some great info on Jane's past.

For those interested in seeing Jane in action, you can also see her in the Tromeo Productions movie, Tromeo and Juliet. This version of the story sets the familiar characters in the 90's: slang, gore lesbians and all.

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