Artist: Far

Album: Tin Cans with Strings to You

Released: 1996

Although this is not a new cd (it was released in 1996) I felt it deserved a review here. Far is a Sacramento, CA based band that has been around since 1991. They are one of those bands that never seems to get the credit they deserve. Unfortunatley they are currently inactive but the lead singer, Jonah Sonz Matranga is pursuing a solo career.

As far as comparrisons go I guess you could equate them to a mellowed out Deftones. (Both bands are from the same city and used to frequently play together.) Some of the songs on the cd are loud and fast such as 'Love American Style' and some are slow and really mellow such as 'Girl', which is an incredible song.

If they happen to start touring again try and catch them live. I have seen them 7 times over the years and they never failed to amaze me. They typically play smaller gigs (I saw them play in the corner of a high school gym once and in the living room of a small coffee house another time) so the show seems much more personable. Although they do have a newer cd out than the one I reviewed I think this is definitly their best.

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