Artist: Corday

Album: welcome to my past...

Released: 1999

Last night I went to dinner at a restaurant thatss located in a behemoth movie theater/mall/bar/yuppie magnet. In the coutyard was a band, well it was actually a femme type playing accoustic guitar (my weakness) and a guy playing percussion. I walked over to check it out. The band was called 'Corday' named after Jennifer Corday, the lead singer. Naturally I bought the cd they were selling. It is said to be their second cd but I cannot find any information on the first.

I am writing this review after only listening to the cd a couple times. If I had to make comparrisons I would have to say Corday is a mix between Ani Difranco and Sheryl Crow. Not quite so angry as Ani gets though. The theme of the cd seems to be largly autobiographical with songs ranging from 'Killing Me' to 'Over You'. The last song on the cd (Everybody wants a piece of my) Pie comes off to me as a thumb in the air to the people from Jennifers past who may have doubted her.

The standout song on the cd would probably have to be track #4, Skin, which seems to be about people putting up false fronts. What I really like about this cd is every song seems to tell a little story.

The band actually consists of 4 members and they hail from Orange County, Cailfornia. They are currently hitting the local coffee shop/bookstore circuit so if you have a chance to see them live I highly recommend it. Pick up the cd as well. I find every time I listen to it it grows on me more and more.

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