Review: KROQ Weenie Roast

Event: Live in Concert

Venue: Edison Field, Anaheim, CA

Date: May 17, 2000

The weenie roast is an all-day yearly concert sponsered by LA radio station KROQ. In the past, all the weenie roasts have been at Irvine Meadows Amphitheater (now Verizon Amphitheather (corporate bullshit)) but was at Edison Field this year which is an outdoor baseball stadium. In the past it was really cool because they had the main stage with the main acts and always had one or two smaller side stages that you could catch newer acts at if you were so inclined. This year it was one stage and 14 bands so if you didn't like who was currently playing you were stuck with it. The cool thing though was they used a circular stageso when one band was done they turned the stage around and the next band started immediatley so there was really no down time between sets, with the exception of one, Korn. (See below).

Due to an accident on the freeway we arrived at the venue with just enough time to get inside and catch the opening act. Much to my surprise when we got inside, they were actually selling beer. And only 5 bux for an icy cold refreshing Miller Genuine Draft. What a bargain.

Unfortunatley I forgot to bring a pen and paper with me to take some notes so my review of each band will be rather brief in most cases. Following are my reviews in the order the bands played.

Rather than provide links to all these artists music, I have provided one link to each band that I felt is worthwhile.

Incubus - I think Incubus is pretty decent but it was sort of hard to get into them as they were the opening act and most people were still filtering into the venue.

Lit - No comments really, don't really care for them

Everclear - This is the third time I have seen Everclear, the first being in a tiny little club like 5 years ago when they were relativly unheard of. They have never failed to put on a good show. Although on cd alot of their music seems sort of tame they put on an extremely energetic show.

Cypress Hill - Cypress Hill fucking rocked. I have been wanting to catch them live for years now. Their sound was pretty bad but they still managed to pull off a great set.

Godsmack - Missed them. Was busy standing in line for 45 minutes for a gyro. The tinfoil the gyro was wrapped in tasted better than the gyro itself.

Third Eye Blind - Same as above

No Doubt - It's No Doubt, they suck.

Stone Temple Pilots - These guys really suprised me. I used to like STP a long time ago and have never seen them live. When they took the stage Scott Wieland came out wearing a slink silver dress, hot pants, a red wig, and high heals. I thought I was at a Tool show for a minute. The proceeded to play about 7 songs and just blew me away. Their energy was pretty unbelievable.

Moby - This was the only electronic act on the bill which I think was a shame, because Moby put on one hell of a set in mu opinion. It was a shame because right after STP alot of people disappeared and missed him. The sound was great.

Creed - I don't really like Creed at all. Their songs all sound alike to me. I will say they probably did have the cleanest sound of any band there though.

The Offspring - Not a big Offspring fan but I must admit, they put on a really good show. I have no idea why but they had Dennis Rodman and Paulie Shore come out and sing with them for "Come out and play". Well Paulie was probably backstage sweeping the floor or something.

Limp Bizkit - Lets just say the sniper rifle I brought with me was confiscated at the door.

Ozzy - Ozzy was added at the last minute as a replacement for eminem. It seems eminem is too busy pulling guns on people to do any concerts. I was looking really forward to seeing Ozzy but once he hit the stage I was sort of disappointed. I give him respect for still touring at his age but I think it is time he hung it up and retired. It also could have been because at that point I was pretty tired of being confined to my seat so after 2 or 3 songs we got up and walked around a bit.

Korn - Watched two songs and left. I used to be into Korn when their first album had just come out and I got to see them live a couple of times back then before they became huge like they are today. As a matter of fact they used to be one of my favorite live bands. Well I can honestly say that is not the case anymore. They had some kind of difficulties so there was like a 30 minute break between Ozzy and Korn and then Korn and to do an over-dramatic 10 minute entrance. It was just too much for me, especially after being there for 11 hours.

Overall it was a pretty good show. I can have a good time at seeing almost any kind of live music. And for once we actually sat with a group of really cool people. Thank god that stupid bitch with the red tanktop and glasses that sat in front of me for NiN wasn't there.

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