Artist: Fiona Apple w/ Jurassic 5

Venue: Fillmore Auditorium (Denver, CO)

Date: 3/16/00

The concert took place on a Thursday, meaning I had to work and couldn't camp out, so I was resigned to sitting in the back, straining to see the little dot that would be Fiona up on the stage. When I got to the theater, this fear was confirmed by the line that wrapped around the building and almost to the end of the block. This was over an hour before the concert was scheduled to start and I was figuring on a long wait, but surprisingly the line moved quickly and I was inside the building in about 20 minutes.

The next surprise came when I saw that a majority of the people were at the bars (there are several in the Fillmore) and I managed to secure a spot about 15 feet from the stage. With that pleasently settled, I just had to stand around for an hour, waiting for the show to start.

I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only person who'd never herad of Jurassic 5. There were certainly a lot of confused looking faces in the crowd when 4 black guys and 2 white DJs came out and started asking if there were any hiphop fans in the house. J5 turned out to be an old school '80s style hip hop group complete with breakdancer. I'm not a huge rap fan but they put on an energetic show and the crowd seemed to get into it.

Finally, it was time for Fiona. Ok, first it was time for a 30 minute break, THEN Fiona graced us with her presence. I can't remember the exact set list but she started with On The Bound and did several songs at the piano and then got up and thrashed to several more songs. After this, she told us about how she'd just learned that morning that she was a sleepwalker. Then she returned to the piano and did a few more songs, followed by several more standing.

At that point, she told everyone goodnight and left the stage, along with the band. After a couple minutes of Fiona chants, she came back out alone and performed a 40's style lounge song and was then rejoined by the band and they performed a rockin' blues song called When I'm Kissin' My Baby. Then the concert was really over.

I believe she did all of the songs off the new album except for one and probably about half of Tidal. The only song I missed was Shadowboxer but the show was way too awesome to be disappointed by the lack of one song. All in all, I'd say this was definitely the best show I've seen yet.


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