Review: Creed / Local H / Nickelback

Event: Live in Concert

Venue: The KeyArena, Seattle, WA

Date: June 21, 2000

June 21, 2000 - Creed / Local H / Nickelback

This concert was originally scheduled to happen on June 12, 2000....but due to unforseen circumstances....they had to cancel and reschedule. I'm one individual that's glad they did.

The KeyArena is just about 4 blocks northeast from where I it was an even bigger treat being able to cruise up right after work and not deal with to much of a line for admission.

Let's set the scene, shall we? On entrance of the KeyArena, I hear a band that I was recently turned on to (about a year ago to be exact) being piped through the speaker system...The Tea Party. For those of you not familiar with The Tea Party...I highly recommend any/all of their stuff...but if I had to pick just one of their CD's (current catalog is at 5), I'd have to choose "the edges of twilight".

So, the evening was starting out VERY well, to say the least. Scored a Creed concert shirt....enjoying my 'jumbo hotdog' (who the fuck are those concession people fooling??)....chillin to The Tea Party.

Nickelback takes the stage. I had not heard of this band until this night....what a shame. Their set ripped. Kudos to the sound notch guys. Now, finding out that these guys were from Vancouver, B.C, Canada was an even bigger surprise. I'm telling ya...there is some good music coming out of the Vancouver, B.C area. Keep those ears tuned in folks!!

Now, seeing how Sevendust was not on the rescheduled bill...I was expecting Creed to take the stage at this point. I had not heard if there would be a second opening act, so you can imagine my surprise when this shaggy haired fellow waltzes out on stage.....straps on the guitar handed to him and announces "hi..we're LocalH...we're from Chicago"..then immediately rips into their intro song. I was truly blown away. This group was amazing.....between the hits off the Maker's Mark bottle the singer held dear to him to the guitar riffs/crunches that drove the crowd to a mosh awesome high energy set. With closing, they did a song which says it all, in my mind, "high fivin' mother fucker". You've got a new fan Local H.

Now, the whole arena is geared up for Creed to take the stage....tension is mounting...the odor of sweating moshers is bleeding in with the skunk weed....the general admission floor is getting packed. The arena goes pitch black......the crowd squeezes tighter.....howls of excitement rip around the arena......*BOOM*....a line of fire explodes behind the drumset....Creed is here. =)

There is no hesitation in me saying that the show was high energy...I have always been a fan of Creed's live performance..these guys know how to rock. I saw them a few times in Florida before their 'My Own Prison' album really took off. Those shows were amazing. This show, however, I could defianetly see the change in their performance since corporate america has stepped in to take care of them. I'm not bashing Creed here in the least bit. They did not form a rock band to stay poor and not succeed. I guess I just miss the old Creed...the band I saw back in '97 that gave bouncers a heap of shit for stiff-arming kids.....the band that did not do stage theatrics......the band that if one was to judge their live show, would not have all this religious contraversy surronding their songs meanings.

So, the long and short of it — this was a great night and even better line up. As for all you Abercrombie & Fitch wearing college fucks that thought it would be cool to start shit in the shit and die! There's no reason for that kind of shit........bring your punk ass to a Pantera concert, no wait..better yet....bring your ass to the Milwaukee Metalfest, let's see how long you last with that punk attitude.

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