ATTRITION Music: Ani DiFranco

Artist: Ani DiFranco

Album: To The Teeth

Released: 1999

Review by: Punkis

Ani has come through once again with her 13th studio release, although this release seems to show a softer side of her music. Also for the first time (as far as I know) Ani used musicians from another band for one of the songs on this cd. Maceo Parker lends help with his incredible saxaphone playing while his son Corey Parker sings a soulful rap as the background lyrics to 'Swing'. Not suprisingly these two musicians are from the opening band of Ani's most recent tour.

Another standout song on the new cd is the title song 'To the teeth'. This song was written in response to the Columbine shooting last year and takes a stab at everyone from Hollywood to the NRA. The lyrics to this song are especially gripping including the opening line to the song "the sun is setting on the century and we are armed to the teeth..."

One of the things I have always appreciated about Ani's music is the fact that her lyrics have so much meaning which is a nice change as compared to the crap that is being played in regular rotation on the radio these days. Each one of her songs tell a story, some are obvious and some are very personal to Ani.

Another great song is 'Going once' which is a lot "jazzier" than Ani's music usually is as the song features a trumpet and trombome player.

All in all an excellent cd. It amazes me that Ani hasn't drawn more attention after consistently putting out such incredible music but in a way I'm glad its the way it is. I think it has kept Ani's music very honest. It's pretty obvious she loves what she is doing. Every one of her albums have been released on her own "Righteous Babe" records and she has never bowed to the powers that run the music industry. Give 'to the teeth' a listen. I think you'll like it.

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