Acid Bath: Paegan Terrorism Tactics

Let me start this review by saying how utterly disgusted I am with myself for not hearing
anything from this band until 3+ weeks ago; but now that I've gotten a healthy dosage of
Acid Bath into my veins and feeling its blasphemous ways take hold of my subconscious......
let's start this review........

Acid Bath is as follows:

Paegan Terrorism Tactics track listing -- circa '96:

  1. Paegan Love Song
  2. Bleed Me An Ocean
  3. Graveflower
  4. Diab Soule
  5. Locust Spawning
  6. Old Skin
  7. New Death Sensation
  8. Venus Blue
  9. 13 Fingers
  10. New Corpse
  11. Dead Girl
  12. Bonus Track

So, how do you start a review about a band that uses the artwork of individuals that have been able to scare the living piss out of our pathetic and weak society by embracing all facets of death?? Where am I going with this, you ask? Well, the artwork chosen for the album cover of PTT is called "For He Is Raised" and was done by non other than Dr. Jack Kevorkian! All I have to say is "RIGHT THE FUCK ON!".

Unlike my other reviews were I try to set the atmosphere of what I'm feeling.... my need to bring the reader into the realm in which my mind works.......this review will not follow that paradigm. We're going to keep this short and sweet. If your looking to gain a bit of insight on why the majority of southerners habitually abuse their body/mind via alcohol, drugs and any other mind altering substance; pick up this CD. Be prepared to experience a nightmare you won't likely forget for some time........

Bayou rock.....the stuff that scares the bible belt into creating false scape goats out of addictions to pleasurable substances.


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