Hide and Seek


I was told over and over again that, "Hide and Seek," was a must see. "Hide and Seek," I was told, had everything; From the good cast to the excellent acting, this movie sounded like the best it could be! But I, on the other hand, had other thoughts about this movie.

I have to admit, I was a bit excited before I was going to watch this film. The story of, "Hide and Seek," is very simple. Emily (Dakota Fanning), a little shy 11 year old girl and her father David (The one and only Robert De Niro) move out into the country of New York after the death of David's wife. David thinks his wife killed herself but who knows?-This woudn't be a thrilling movie if she killed herself now would it? David and Emily move into a small comunity with a tiny population of about 2,000 people. Then right off, strange things begin to happen and people and pets begin to disapear. Emily also makes friends with an imaginary friend called, "Charlie," and when ever something strange happens, Emily blames Charlie.

Robert De Niro, like always, is good in every film he's in. But De Niro wasn't the heart of this film. I have to say that Dakota Fanning's acting blew me away! Her acting was great! There was nothing wrong with what she was doing. Fanning was perfect as the little, freaked out child who's cold to everyone. It pretty much gave me the creeps. I had the feeling that Dakota Fanning wasn't even acting at all! Maybe its just the real way she is.......

The first half of this film was pretty thrilling and interesting. The movie made you question and think for a while. The second half, more towards the end, was pretty pathetic. Once you find out who the true killer and who Charlie is, the movie plumets right away. If you must know, David (De Niro) was Charlie and the killer! (Kind of predictable.) David CrAcKeD after he caught his wife cheating on him and went on a secret but gruesome killing spree. This basically was a giant rip-off of the Secret Window ending.

If you got this movie off of Comcast, then there is an alternative ending! Nothing special though, and no need.

"Hide and Seek," had a interesting story that ran out of steam in the final 20 minutes. Watch this movie only if you want to be unsatisfied before you go to bed.

Andy's Star Scale: 2

Andy's Guide:

1 = Basically crap
2 = Don't waste money buying, renting or viewing it
3 = Overall good
4 = Excellent, a must see

Andy Bassett

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