Screw the year 2000. Worry about the year 10000!

In case you weren't aware, when the year 10000 rolls around, computers all over the world will suffer serious problems. We can expect crashes, riots, floods and more. Worst of all, we can expect angry web surfers. Yes, that's right angry surfers, depressed and suicidal because they can't get their daily dose of pron.

Consider that most programs are written with a four digit year in mind. The fields allow for years like 1984, 2001, 4383, and even 9999. But what happens when the year 10000 is upon us? Chaos! Total and utter chaos ensues. No longer do we have the glorious year of 10000, we have the year of 0000. That spells trouble for institutions like banks, accounting firms, network service providers, and small animal shelters.

Prepare for this day of trouble! Make your users and programmers aware! Plan ahead when developing those programs! Only you can prevent y10k problems.

This message brought to you by the ATTRITION y10k committee.

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