This is a mirror of Curador's first page. At that time, the only thing on it was the credit cards from "Shopping Thailand."

There has been rumors floating around, (propagated by none other than the Reuters News Agency), that Curador managed to get Bill Gates' credit card information and posted it on one of his/their sites. This mirror should put those unfounded rumors to rest. Besides, look at the pattern of the numbers in the credit card number - 1357? then 2468? Plus, Bill Gates is "William H Gates Jr." William F Gates is his foundation that his father, William H Gates Sr. oversees. and C'mon. You actually think Microsoft would make Bill Gates' phone extension "1" ?? *sigh*

This is the third mirror. Notice that he's added more credit cards and content.

This is the last and final iteration of Curador's Web site. Note the amount of credit cards, explanation of the exploit he allegedly used and a few more rants. This is a completely different format than the other 2.

NOTE: Yes, we *did* take out the credit cards. We're not THAT stupid ;)

Articles: Curador Worked As E-Commerce Consultant Hackers Arrested for E-Commerce Site Break-ins
AP: Teens Accused of Credit Data Theft
BBC: FBI operation nets Welsh hackers

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