[99.06.16]  [ytcracker]             MultiLink (multilinkcom.com)
[99.06.16]  [ytcracker]             High Places (www.highplaces.org)
[99.07.12]  [ytcracker]             Race Colorado (www.racecolorado.com)
[99.09.20] NT [ytcracker]            Empire Honda (www.empirehonda.com)
[99.09.22]    [ytcracker]            Movin Melvin (www.movinmelvin.com)
[99.09.22] NT [ytcracker]            Airspace USA (airspaceusa.com)
[99.09.28] NT [ytcracker]            Altamira International Bank (www.altabank.com)
[99.09.28] NT [ytcracker]        M   Fun Caribbean (www.funcaribbean.com)
[99.10.21] NT [ytcracker]            Stress Org (www.stress.org)
[99.11.06] NT [ytcracker]            Click 2U (www.click2u.com)
[99.11.07] NT [ytcracker]            Commercial Bank Conto (conto.ru)
[99.11.07] NT [ytcracker]            US Geological Survey Monitoring Station (monitoring2.er.usgs.gov)
[99.11.07] NT [ytcracker]            Texas Department of Public Safety (txdps.state.tx.us)
[99.11.07] NT [ytcracker]            AK Prepared (www.ak-prepared.com)
[99.11.07] NT [ytcracker]            Lockport Township High School (www.lths.org)
[99.11.07] NT [ytcracker]            Tatincom (www.tatincom.ru)
[99.11.07] NT [ytcracker]            Trenton Public Library (www.trentonlibrary.state.nj.us)
[99.11.08] DG [ytcracker]            Palm Vid (www.palmvid.com)
[99.11.15] NT [ytcracker]            #1 Acer Peripherals (www.acerperipherals.com)
[99.11.16] NT [ytcracker]            AT&T Worldnet Help Chat (helpchat.worldnet.att.net)
[99.11.16] NT [ytcracker]            City of Colorado Springs (www.colorado-springs.com)
[99.11.16] NT [ytcracker]            Guard Tech. (www.guardtech.com)
[99.11.17] NT [ytcracker]            NASA Astromaterials Curation site (www-curator.jsc.nasa.gov)
[99.11.21] NT [ytcracker]            FAA CAS (intra-cas.faa.gov)
[99.11.21] NT [ytcracker]            New York Department of Agriculture (www.agmkt.state.ny.us)
[99.11.21] NT [ytcracker]            Oregon State Construction Contractors Board (www.ccb.state.or.us)
[99.11.21] NT [ytcracker]            Oregon State Board of Education Office of Community College Services (www.occs.state.or.us)
[99.11.21] NT [ytcracker]        M   AV Boces (avboces.k12.co.us)
[99.11.21] NT [ytcracker]        M   Laveta School District (laveta.k12.co.us)
[99.11.21] NT [ytcracker]        M   Plainview School District (plainview.k12.co.us)
[99.11.22] NT [ytcracker]            Defense Contract Management Center East (Defense Logistics Agency) (www.dcmde.dla.mil)
[99.11.23] NT [ytcracker]            GSFC International Program (international.gsfc.nasa.gov)
[99.11.23] NT [ytcracker]            Defense Contracts Audit Agency (outlook.dcaa.mil)
[99.11.23] NT [ytcracker]            Bureau of Land Management National Training Center (tswww.tc.blm.gov)
[99.11.28] Li [ytcracker]            Honda Korea (www.honda.com.kw)
[99.11.28] NT [ytcracker]            Nissan Mexico (www.nissan.com.mx)
[99.11.30] Li [ytcracker]            Medic Data (west.medicdata.com)
[99.11.30] Li [ytcracker]            Phifer Systems, Inc. (www.phifersystems.com)
[99.11.30] NT [ytcracker]        M   Investigative Resources Agency (www.investigationresources.com)
[99.12.01] BI [ytcracker]            Car 4 Sale (www.car-4sale.com)
[99.12.01] Li [ytcracker]            Commed Russia (stace.commed.ru)
Total Defacements:  41