[99.11.26] Li [sSh]                  Covenant Health System (wasp.covtest.org)
[99.11.26] Li [sSh]                  Personal Ricochet Mobile site (mg-206253202-96.ricochet.net)
[99.11.23] NT [sSh]                  H.P. Lovecraft's Superstition.com (www.superstition.com)
[99.11.23] Li [sSh]              M   SolChip Technology Corp. (www.solchip.com)
[99.11.23] Li [sSh]                  EMAP Online (penguin.emaponline.com)
[99.11.22] So [sSh]                  Wilton Wired (www.wiltonwired.com)
[99.11.21] NT [sSh]                  Battle Creek Area Math and Science Center (bcmsc.k12.mi.us)
[99.11.21] Li [sSh]                  Florida Family Child Care (www.familychildcare.org)
[99.11.21] Li [sSh]                  GBC Protech Support (support.gbcprotech.com)
[99.11.20] Li [sSh]                  Western New York Microcomputer (www.wnym.com)
[99.11.20] Li [sSh]                  MedTech Net (www.medtechnet.com)
[99.11.20] Li [sSh]                  Markowitz Mail (www.markowitzmail.com)
[99.11.20] Li [sSh]                  Duqpart (www.duqpart.com)
[99.11.19] NT [sSh]                  FAA Air Traffic Services Y2K site (atsy2k.faa.gov)
[99.11.19] NT [sSh]                  FACS Financial (www.facsfinancial.com)
[99.11.18] NT [sSh]                  FAA Airworthiness Assurance R & D Branch (www.aar.tc.faa.gov)
[99.11.17] Li [sSh]                  DAP-Computersystemtechnik Zelgmatt (redskin.dap.ch)
[99.11.16] NT [sSh]                  Federal Coordinator for Meteorological Services (www.ofcm.gov)
[99.11.16] Li [sSh]                  FSI Ferreira (www.fsiferreira.com)
[99.11.16] NT [sSh]                  Digital Millicent Project (beta.millicent.digital.com)
[99.11.15] NT [sSh]                  Altavista (www.altavista.software.digital.com)
[99.11.15] NT [sSh]                  The Hill School (www.thehill.org)
[99.11.14] NT [sSh]                  Valve Software (www.valvesoftware.com)
[99.11.14] Li [sSh]                  Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. (www.mv2000.com)
[99.11.14] Li [sSh]              M   Bell City (www.bellcity.net)
[99.11.09] Li [sSh]                  Timmons Micro (www.timmonsmicro.com)
[99.11.09] Li [sSh]                  Rj's Warez (www.safeandsecure.net)

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