[00.02.21] NT [Pentaguard]           Kuwait Investment Authority (www.kia.gov.kw)
[00.04.29] NT [Pentaguard]           Earth's Children (www.earthschildren.com)
[00.05.05] NT [Pentaguard]           Harvard Medical School MedWeb Student Site (hms.medweb.harvard.edu)
[00.05.05] NT [Pentaguard]           US Naval Hospital, Yokosuka Japan (www.nhyoko.med.navy.mil)
[00.05.15] NT [Pentaguard]           NASA COTS Year 2000 Software Compliance Tracking Database (cotserver.lerc.nasa.gov)
[00.05.20] NT [Pentaguard]           University of Delaware (feurerpc.oet.udel.edu)
[00.05.20] NT [Pentaguard]           #2 Federal Maritime Commission (www.fmc.gov)
[00.05.20] NT [Pentaguard]           Department of the Treasury - CSM (www.ots.treas.gov)
[00.05.20] NT [Pentaguard]           Regia Autonoma Romtelecom (www.romtelecom.ro)
[00.05.20] NT [Pentaguard]           National Institute of Health (www4.od.nih.gov)
[00.05.20] NT [Pentaguard]           National Institutes of Health (wwwosp.nci.nih.gov)
[00.05.21] NT [Pentaguard]           Central Michigan University (cbatest.cba.cmich.edu)
[00.05.23] NT [Pentaguard]           U.S. Bankruptcy Court of Delaware (www.deb.uscourts.gov)
[00.05.23] NT [Pentaguard]           McGhee Tyson Air National Guard Base, Knoxville (www.tnknox.ang.af.mil)
[00.05.24] NT [Pentaguard]           Gas-Filled Panels Research, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (gfp.lbl.gov)
[00.05.24] NT [Pentaguard]           NASA GSFC Integrated Mission Design Center (imdc.nasa.gov)
[00.05.24] NT [Pentaguard]           NIH Office of Legislative Policy and Analysis (olpa.od.nih.gov)
[00.05.24] NT [Pentaguard]           NOAA Command and Data Acquisition Station, Fairbanks, Alaska (www.fcdas.noaa.gov)
[00.05.24] NT [Pentaguard]           Ohio Metropolitan Educational Council (www.mec.ohio.gov
[00.05.24] NT [Pentaguard]           #2 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia (www.mfa.gov.ge)
[00.05.28] NT [Pentaguard]           Departmental Representative - DOE (dr.tis.doe.gov)
[00.05.28] NT [Pentaguard]           National Park Service Fire Monitoring Program (fire.nifc.nps.gov)
[00.05.28] NT [Pentaguard]           National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (pactide.noaa.gov)
[00.05.28] NT [Pentaguard]           USGS BRD Research and Development Lab (rdl.er.usgs.gov)
[00.05.28] NT [Pentaguard]           Hawaii State Legislature (www.capitol.hawaii.gov)
[00.05.28] NT [Pentaguard]           Voluntari Pt Idei Si Proiecte (www.ejobs.ro)
[00.05.28] NT [Pentaguard]           US Courts, District of Idaho (www.id.uscourts.gov)
[00.05.28] NT [Pentaguard]           US Courts (www.idd.uscourts.gov)
[00.05.28] NT [Pentaguard]           Washington State Liquor Control Board (www.liq.wa.gov)
[00.05.29] NT [Pentaguard]           Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (www.meps.ahcpr.gov)
[00.06.01] NT [Pentaguard]           The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider at Brookhaven National Laboratory (prod.rhic.bnl.gov)
[00.06.03]    [Pentaguard]           #2 Washington State Liquor Control Board (www.liq.wa.gov)    
[00.06.04] NT [Pentaguard]           Access To Space - NASA (accesstospace.gsfc.nasa.gov)
[00.06.04] NT [Pentaguard]           #2 USGS BRD Research and Development Lab (rdl.er.usgs.gov)
[00.06.04] NT [Pentaguard]           Porsche Romania (www.porsche.ro)
[00.06.06]    [Pentaguard]       M   Ohio Northern University (www.law.onu.edu)
[00.06.11] NT [Pentaguard]           RASDAQ S.R.L. (www.rasd.ro)
[00.12.28] NT [Pentaguard]           US Office of Surface Mining (U.S. Department of the Interior) (www.coh.osmre.gov)
[00.12.28] NT [Pentaguard]           US DOI, Bureau of Land Management (www5.ca.blm.gov)
[01.01.19] NT [Pentaguard]         * California State Assembly Republican Caucus (republican.assembly.ca.gov)
[01.01.19] NT [Pentaguard]         * US Department of the Interior, Alaskan Office (www.ak.doi.gov)
[01.01.19] NT [Pentaguard]         * National Cemetary Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs (www.cem.va.gov)
[01.01.19] NT [Pentaguard]       M * Australian Institute of Marine Science (www.aims.gov.au)
[01.01.19] NT [Pentaguard]       M * Swindon Borough Council, UK (www.swindon.gov.uk)
[01.02.19] NT [Pentaguard]           United Nations (untreaty.un.org)
[99.  .  ]  [Pentaguard]            American Conservative Union (www.conservative.org)
[99.01.25]  [Pentaguard]            Wenjin Software (wenjin.nlc.gov.cn)
[99.01.25]  [Pentaguard]            Joint Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Project (wwwjtuav.redstone.army.mil)
[99.01.25]  [Pentaguard]        M   Chief Financial Officer of GSA (cfo.gsa.gov)
[99.01.27]  [Pentaguard]            Vietnam News Agency (vietnamnews.vnagency.com.vn)
[99.01.27]  [Pentaguard]                (www.008.com.cn)
[99.01.27]  [Pentaguard]            #1 International Infocenter for the New Eurasian Continental Bridge (www.landbridge.gov.cn)
[99.02.08]  [Pentaguard]               (algolgie.com)
[99.03.16]  [Pentaguard]            Naval Air Facility in Washington (www.nafwash.navy.mil)
Total Defacements:  54