[99.03.04]  [LevelSeven]            Palmnet ISP (www.palmnet.net)
[99.03.25]  [LevelSeven]            8 Op (www.8op.com)
[99.03.28]  [LevelSeven]            The Palestinian NGO Network (www.baraka.org)
[99.04.16]  [LevelSeven]            Patio Club (www.patioclub.net)
[99.04.16]  [LevelSeven]            Super Scripts (www.superscripts.com)
[99.04.25]  [LevelSeven]            Cide MX (www.cide.mx)
[99.05.13]  [LevelSeven]            Acb-is Net (www.acb-is.net)
[99.05.14]  [LevelSeven]        MC  Starlette (www.starlette.org)
[99.05.23]  [LevelSeven]            Team Liquid (www.team-liquid.com)
[99.06.05]  [LevelSeven]          C Atlanta Braves Baseball (www.atlantabravesbaseball.com)
[99.06.05]  [LevelSeven]          C Panther's Football (www.panthersfootball.com)
[99.06.06]  [LevelSeven]            FweeBSD (www.fweebsd.org)
[99.06.06]  [LevelSeven]            Hex Net (www.hexnet.com)
[99.06.06]  [LevelSeven]            Jinx Corp (www.jinxcorp.com)
[99.06.07]  [LevelSeven]            Department of Mechanical Engineering, Florida Agricultural University (www.me.fau.edu)
[99.06.29]  [LevelSeven]            Caster Misc Web server, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (caster.gsfc.nasa.gov)
[99.06.30]  [LevelSeven]            Beyond Software (www.beyond-software.com)
[99.07.01]  [LevelSeven]            Cosmetics Counter (www.cosmeticscounter.com)
[99.07.01]  [LevelSeven]            Fragrance Counter (www.fragrancecounter.com)
[99.07.30]  [LevelSeven]            Des Moines Metropolitan Transit Authority (www.dmmta.com)
[99.07.31]  [LevelSeven]            Peronda Net (www.peronda.net)
[99.08.06] So [LevelSeven]           Best Supply (www.bestsupply.com)  
[99.08.06] So [LevelSeven]           92.3 Cleveland's Jammin Oldies (www.jammin.com)
[99.08.06] So [LevelSeven]           Multiverse (www.multiverse.com)
[99.08.06] So [LevelSeven]           News Tips (www.newstips.com)
[99.08.06] So [LevelSeven]           Santa's Official Page (www.north-pole.net)
[99.08.06] So [LevelSeven]           Tytan Industries (www.tytan.com)
[99.08.06] So [LevelSeven]           Poulan Weedeater (www.weedeater.com)
[99.08.07] So [LevelSeven]           Deluxe Solutions (www.deluxesolutions.com)
[99.08.07] So [LevelSeven]           Radisson Seven Seas Cruises (www.rssc.com)
[99.08.09] Li [LevelSeven]           Miller Concepts (www.millerconcepts.com)
[99.08.16]    [LevelSeven]           Agency for Health Care Administration (www.fdhc.state.fl.us)
[99.08.16] NT [LevelSeven]           City of Naperville, Illinois (www.naperville.il.us)
[99.08.21] Li [LevelSeven]           Faculté des Sciences Semlalia, Marrakech (www.ucam.ac.ma)
[99.09.05] Li [LevelSeven]           Linux HQ (www.linuxhq.org)
[99.09.06] So [LevelSeven]           Sheraton Hotels and Resorts (www.sheraton.com)
[99.09.07] Li [LevelSeven]           First City (firstcity.net)
[99.09.07] So [LevelSeven]           Federal Geographic Data Committee (www.fgdc.gov)
[99.09.07] So [LevelSeven]           US Embassy in China (www.usembassy-china.gov)
[99.09.09] Li [LevelSeven]         X Adult Free Pics (www.adultfreepics.com)
[99.09.12] So [LevelSeven]           123 Inc. (www.123inc.com)
[99.09.12] So [LevelSeven]           Harley-Davidson Parts and Clubs (www.hogs.com)
[99.09.12] So [LevelSeven]         X Sex Creations (www.sexcreations.com)
[99.09.13] So [LevelSeven]           Gold Card (www.goldcard.com)
[99.09.16] So [LevelSeven]           Steam Punk (www.steampunk.net)
[99.09.16] So [LevelSeven]         B First American National Bank (ns1.fanb.com)
[99.09.20] Li [LevelSeven]           Frohling Family Org. (frohling.org)
[99.09.23] Li [LevelSeven]           Ranger Power Ford Ranger Club (www.rangerpower.com)
[99.09.27] Li [LevelSeven]           #1 Journy X (www.journyx.com)
[99.09.29] Li [LevelSeven]           PNK (www.pnk.com)
[99.10.05] NT [LevelSeven]           #3 Alpine Peaks (www.alpinepeaks.com)
[99.10.10] Bf [LevelSeven]           Latino FYI (www.latinofyi.com)
[99.10.10] Li [LevelSeven]           #2 Journy X (www.journyx.com)
[99.10.11] BI [LevelSeven]           Black FYI (www.blackfyi.com)
[99.10.15] Li [LevelSeven]           #2 First City (firstcity.net)
[99.10.15] Li [LevelSeven]           Brew Help (www.brewhelp.com)
[99.10.16] Li [LevelSeven]           #2 CrimSoft (www.crimsoft.com)
[99.10.23] Li [LevelSeven]           Surfer (surfer.firstcity.net)
[99.10.23] Li [LevelSeven]           Brew Help (taz.brewhelp.com)
Total Defacements:  59