[99.09.08] Li [hV2k]             M   ThinkTank Online Services (www.ttos.com)
[99.10.06] NT [hV2k]             M   America's Highway (www.americashighway.com)
[99.10.07] NT [hV2k]                 Bottle Cap Site (www.bottlecapsite.com)
[99.10.07] NT [hV2k]                 Petty Brook Farm (www.pettybrookfarm.com)
[99.10.08]    [hV2k]                 Campus Informatie Systeem Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (sarajevo.cca.vu.nl)
[99.10.22] Li [hV2k]             M   Really Dumb (www.reallydumb.com)
[99.11.01] NT [hV2k]                 Naval Facilities Engineering Command HQ (ncc.navfac.navy.mil)
[99.11.01] NT [hV2k]                 NAWCAD, Webster Field (webster.webfld.navy.mil)
[99.11.01] NT [hV2k]                 Canadian Department of National Defense (www.dnd.ca)
[99.11.01] NT [hV2k]                 Marine Corps Air Station, Iwakuni Japan (www.iwakuni.usmc.mil)
[99.11.01] NT [hV2k]                 AEGIS Training and Readiness Center Detachment (www.norfolk.atrc.navy.mil)
[99.11.02] NT [hV2k]                 Navy Environmental Health Center (www-nehc.med.navy.mil)
[99.11.02] NT [hV2k]                 Rural Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities, USDA and HUD (www.ezec.gov)
[99.11.02] NT [hV2k]                 Federal Occupational Health, DHHS (www.foh.dhhs.gov)
[99.11.03] NT [hV2k]                 Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (www.ceaa.gc.ca)
[99.11.03] NT [hV2k]                 Government of Newfoundland and Labrador (www.gov.nf.ca)
[99.11.03] NT [hV2k]                 Human Resources Development Canada, Newfoundland/Labrador Region (www.nf.hrdc-drhc.gc.ca)
[99.11.03] NT [hV2k]                 National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (www.niaaa.nih.gov)
[99.11.03] NT [hV2k]                 Human Resources Development Canada, Novia Scotia Region (www.ns.hrdc-drhc.gc.ca)
[99.11.03] NT [hV2k]                 USDA Rural Development (www.rurdev.usda.gov)
[99.11.03] NT [hV2k]                 U.S. Tax Court (www.ustaxcourt.gov)
[99.11.04] NT [hV2k]                 Energy Systems Division, Argonne National Labs (www.es.anl.gov)
[99.11.04] NT [hV2k]                 Solid State Theory Group, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (www.sst.nrel.gov)
[99.11.05] NT [hV2k]                 State of Maine (janus.state.me.us)
[99.11.05] NT [hV2k]                 Department of Taxation & Finance, State of New York (www.tax.state.ny.us)
[99.11.06] NT [hV2k]                 Nevada Department of Museums, Library, and Arts (dmla.clan.lib.nv.us)
[99.11.06] NT [hV2k]                 Berkeley, CA Police Department (police.ci.berkeley.ca.us)
[99.11.06] NT [hV2k]                 State of Virginia Sex Offender Registry (sex-offender.vsp.state.va.us)
[99.11.06] NT [hV2k]                 City of Arlington, Texas (www.ci.arlington.tx.us)
[99.11.07] NT [hV2k]                 Overseas Private Investment Corporation (www.opic.gov)
[99.11.07] NT [hV2k]                 New Mexico State Library (www.stlib.state.nm.us)
[99.11.08] NT [hV2k]                 Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (search.pbgc.gov)
[99.11.08] NT [hV2k]                 Public Disclosure Commission, Washington State (web.pdc.wa.gov)
[99.11.08] NT [hV2k]                 County Road Administration Board, Washington State (www.crab.wa.gov)
[99.11.08] NT [hV2k]                 Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (www.license.state.tx.us)
[99.11.08] NT [hV2k]                 Texas State Auditor's Office (www.sao.state.tx.us)
[99.11.08] NT [hV2k]                 Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (www.tabc.state.tx.us)
[99.11.08] NT [hV2k]                 Texas Department of Health (www.tdh.texas.gov)
[99.11.08] NT [hV2k]                 Texas Department of Protective and Regulartory Services (www.tdprs.state.tx.us)
[99.11.09] NT [hV2k]                 Picatinny Arsenal (w3.pica.army.mil)
[99.11.09] NT [hV2k]                 New York Power Authority (www.nypa.gov)
[99.11.09] NT [hV2k]                 NY State Office of Mental Health (www.omh.state.ny.us)
[99.11.09] NT [hV2k]                 U.S. Army Records Management and Declassification Agency (www.rmd.belvoir.army.mil)
[99.11.09] NT [hV2k]                 Department of Vetrans Affairs (www.va.gov)
[99.11.11] NT [hV2k]                 ROTC, Second Region Headquarters, Fort Knox (www.2rotc.army.mil)
[99.11.11] NT [hV2k]                 Minnesota Department of Agriculture (www.mda.state.mn.us)
[99.11.11] NT [hV2k]                 United States Army Aeromedical Centerwww.rucker.amedd.army.mil)
[99.11.18] NT [hV2k]                 NIH Division of Computer Research and Technology (www.dcrt.nih.gov)
[99.11.18] NT [hV2k]                 Department of Energy, Office of the General Counsel (www.gc.doe.gov)
[99.11.18] NT [hV2k]                 Department of Energy, Ohio Field Office (www.ohio.doe.gov)
[99.11.18] NT [hV2k]                 U.S. Postal Service Office of the Inspector General (www.uspsoig.gov)
[99.12.01] BI [hV2k]                 Cal Capital (www.calcapital.com)
[99.12.07] BI [hV2k]                 ASJA International (www.asjainternational.com)
Total Defacements:  53