[99.10.27] NT [fuqrag]               Commander, Helicopter Tactical Wing, U.S. Atlantic Fleet (eagle.chtwl.spear.navy.mil)
[99.10.27] NT [fuqrag]               Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division (scotty.navsses.navy.mil)
[99.10.27] NT [fuqrag]               Commander Submarine Force U.S. Pacific fleet (www.csp.navy.mil)
[99.10.27] NT [fuqrag]               Defense Information School (www.dinfos.osd.mil)
[99.10.27] NT [fuqrag]               Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (www.fmcs.gov)
[99.10.27] NT [fuqrag]               Marine Corps Base, Hawaii (www.mcbh.usmc.mil)
[99.10.27] NT [fuqrag]               Naval Security Group Activity Pensacola (www.nsg.navy.mil)
[99.10.27] NT [fuqrag]               U.S. International Trade Commission (www.usitc.gov)
[99.10.28] NT [fuqrag]               Dairy Queen (www.dairyqueen.com)
[99.10.28] NT [fuqrag]               U.S. Minerals Management Service (www.mms.gov)
[99.10.28] NT [fuqrag]               TriStar Computers International (www.tristar.com)
[99.10.29] NT [fuqrag]               U.S. Office of Personnel Management (apps.opm.gov)
[99.10.29] NT [fuqrag]               #2 U.S. Minerals Management Service (www.mms.gov)
[99.10.30] NT [fuqrag]               California State Assembly Democrats (democrats.assembly.ca.gov)
[99.10.30] NT [fuqrag]               Domino Server for the Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management (domino1.rw.doe.gov)
[99.10.30] NT [fuqrag]               Space Shuttle Flight Tracker, Johnson Space Center (flight.jsc.nasa.gov)
[99.10.31] NT [fuqrag]               (ncr) DISA (dssg-web-srv.ncr.disa.mil)
[99.10.31] NT [fuqrag]               City of Fresno Gov (gw.fresno.gov)
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[99.11.06] NT [fuqrag]               Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization, Department of Transportation (osdbuweb.dot.gov)
[99.11.11] NT [fuqrag]               PWD Malaysia (corp.jkr.gov.my)
[99.11.11] NT [fuqrag]               Ministère de l'Environnement et de l'Énergie de l'Ontario (ene.gov.on.ca)
[99.11.11] NT [fuqrag]               Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (fmprc.gov.cn)
[99.11.11] NT [fuqrag]               Taipei Government (intra.taipei.gov.tw)
[99.11.12] NT [fuqrag]               Belgium Ministry of Economic Affairs (mineco.fgov.be)
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[99.11.12] NT [fuqrag]               Shj Library, Saudi Arabia (shjlib.gov.ae)
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[99.11.14] NT [fuqrag]               Unreal Web site (www.unreal.com)
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[99.11.22] NT [fuqrag]               Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) (www.shape.nato.int)
[99.11.23] NT [fuqrag]               Atlantic Council of the United States (www.acus.org)
[99.11.23] NT [fuqrag]               Council of Europe Convention (www.coe.fr)
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[99.11.25] NT [fuqrag]               Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (www.apecsec.org.sg)
[99.11.25] NT [fuqrag]               Kingston Technology Corp (www.kingston.com)
Total Defacements:  41