[99.06.22]  [fallen angels]       B Union Bank & Trust (www.ubt.com)
[99.06.24]  [fallen angels]         The Conservative  Political Action Conference (www.cpac.org)
[99.06.24]  [fallen angels]         Industrial Bikes (www.industrialbikes.com
[99.06.25]  [fallen angels]         Shaven Cream Razor (www.shavencreamrazor.com)
[99.06.29]  [fallen angels]         Eye Foundation of Kansas City (www.umkc-efkc.org)
[99.07.01]  [fallen angels]         Americans for Tax Reform (www.atr.org)
[99.07.01]  [fallen angels]         FrontWeb.com (www.frontweb.com)
[99.07.04]  [fallen angels]         Clean USA (www.cleanusa.net)
[99.07.04]  [fallen angels]         United Taxpayers of New Jersey (www.utnj.org)
[99.08.07] NT [fallen angels]        Haxan Movies (www.haxan.com)
[99.10.03] Li [fallen angels]      Y Boy Scout Troop 447 (www.troop447.com)
[99.10.04] NT [fallen angels]        Clay County Soccer (www.claycountysoccer.com)
[99.10.04] NT [fallen angels]        Sterling Pride (www.sterlingpride.org)
Total Defacements:  13