[98.11.16]  [chc]                   Picosoft (www.picosoft.ru)
[98.12.03]  [chc]                       (www.ccdv.com)
[99.01.01]  [chc]                   Hoteles Mexico (www.hotelesmexico.com)
[99.01.04]  [chc]                   Roberto Rossi (www.il-libro.com)
[99.01.07]  [chc]                   Alternative Sexuality Resources (www.altsex.com)
[99.01.17]  [chc]                   Lady Cheyenne (www.ladycheyenne.com)
[99.01.23]  [chc]                   Cobol Hot Line (www.chlgroup.com)
[99.02.02]  [chc]                   Rutenia Network (www.ru.com)
[99.02.17]  [chc]                   NASA Holographic Optical Telescope and Scanner (HOTS) (lazer.gsfc.nasa.gov)
[99.02.28]  [chc]                   #1 NewsMax (www.newsmax.com)
[99.03.06]  [chc]                       (unknown domain)
[99.03.13]  [chc]                   Adventure Tours, Inc. (www.adventuretoursinc.com)
[99.03.27]  [chc]                   Naval Medical Information Management Center (nmimc1.med.navy.mil)
[99.03.27]  [chc]                   Southern California Aquatics Federation - Water Polo (scafwp.org)
[99.03.30]  [chc]                   Orange Coast College's Aviation and Space Department (www.occaviationandspace.edu)
[99.04.04]  [chc]                   Croydon Online (www.croydon.gov.uk)
[99.04.06]  [chc]                   Natural Resources Conservation Service (unix1.ms.nrcs.usda.gov)
Total Defacements:  17