encrypt0 was here! This webpage has been compromised by encrypt0 for WOH! I hacked this because I felt like it and was bored and tired.
Now, there are some things I have to say to some people.
KebabKru: Fuck you! You want to insult me on your defacements, go ahead. I can do that to you also. I never had a problem with you and then you start insulting me about a matter that was none of your damn business. Go screw yourselves.
Daprez: Dude, go to hell. I will *NOT* deface for your dumb group and you. Give it up. Aren't ban evasions so 31337?!
Shouts go out to the following people: WOH, Antifarmer, Sneed, SoldierX, attrition, alldas, safemode, M.D.C, and others.
Admin: Please get some unicode patches before somebody damages your system. Only logs were deleted. =)
Happy Mothers' Day Mom!
Copy left and all wrongs reserved. 2001 and so on. ***encrypt0 was here.***
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