The children of Iraq have been dying and suffering harshly from diseases every 5 minutes for the past 10 years, all because of the injust, inhumane economic sanctions implemented on Iraq by the ever-so hypocritical U.N.  The sanctions were supposedly created to hurt Saddam Hussein, but instead they only hurt the people, especially the children...

Here is the truth...


The Story of Kashmir:

(Please read this to see the whole story of what happened in Kashmir...)


1947, when India was partitioned into two and Pakistan was created, the people of Kashmir  - a territory in between the borders of Pakistan and India (officially known as Jammu and Kashmir) - demanded that they be allowed to join Pakistan.  Since Kashmir was a majority Muslim state, and since Pakistan was to become a Muslim nation, it made sense.  Not to India however.  India immediately dispatched troops all over Kashmir to suppress the will and voice of the Kashmiri people.  When the people of Kashmir rebelled against this repression, India's first prime minister Jawaharial Nehru promised the citizens of Kashmir that they would choose their own fate.  Nehru assured the Kashmiri people that they would be allowed to do what they wanted.  Nehru claimed that the sole criteria for Kashmir would be the "wishes of the Kashmiri people."  But soon after United Nations Resolutions were passed, Nehru flagrantly violated his pledge by illegally passing laws that incorporated the state of Jammu and Kashmir into the Indian union, thus betraying the will of the Kashmiri people that he had sworn to honor, and also contradicting U.N. Security Council Resolutions that had been passed before.  By taking advantage of a puppet government in Kashmir, India made it appear so as Kashmir was ready to join India, but the people of Kashmir were never even consulted about this, nor were they given a choice.  And so thus India illegally occupied most of Kashmir for decades, and persecuted, tortured, and made life excessively harsh for the vast majority Muslim population of Kashmir...until 1989, when the people of Jammu and Kashmir rose up to fight for freedom against an Indian oppressor, a country that had for years denied them their rightful independence.  The popular revolt for liberation increased day by day in Kashmir, and when India realized that the voice of the determined Kashmiri people could not be silenced, it decided to significantly increase its troop presence in the territories. 60,000 Indian Troops were deployed in Indian-occupied Kashmir, the largest troop presence in any area of the world.  In order to destroy the Kashmiri freedom struggle once and forever, the Indian army went on a rampage of destruction in Kashmir, killing, raping, pillaging, looting, torturing, and plundering the Kashmiri Muslims, and continues to do that to this day.  Over 65,000 Kashmiris have been killed by the Indian force since 1989. Several thousands of young girls and women have been raped, molested, and tortured. Hundreds of schools and hospitals have been torched by the Indian Army, the Kashmiri children, doctors, and patients, burned alive with them. Harrassment, crack-downs, rape, torment, indiscriminate murder, and arbitrary arrests are a few of the harsh everyday affairs which the Kashmiri people are victim to by the Indian Army. This same kind of stuff happens everyday to the Palestinians as well by the Israeli army, as well as to the Chechen people at the hands of corrupted Russian soldiers.  


The struggle for Kashmiri freedom in 2001 has now entered its 12th year...And this is why we're hacking.  If we can save even one life by creating awareness in the world, then our mission has succeeded...


Indian war crimes and mass human rights violations in Kashmir:


This little child was wounded when Indian forces attacked his school and beat him severely...Indian forces have demolished and burned down over a hundred schools and hospitals in Kashmir, wiping away not only the architecture, but also destroying the hopes and dreams of thousands of children and people inside.

And the innocent children in this picture?...Indian forces have destroyed their school, their homes, and their families.  What do they have left...but to fight?  Do these children look like "Islamic terrorists" or "extremist militants"?  By all means no, but India has torn apart their hearts and their hope...When these children grow up, those elite experts who take it upon themselves to define history will call these children "rebels" or "militants"...But no, they are freedom fighters, battling against an Indian aggressor that has ruined their life, desecrated upon their childhood humanity, and has deprived them of even the basic rights of living.

 The price of freedom in Kashmir...The Indian security forces have butchered and tortured well over 60,000 Kashmiris since 1989...Why?  Because they fought for their freedom.


Indian soldiers abuse an innocent Kashmiri in the middle of the street.  Nothing new.  It happens everyday in Indian-held Kashmir.





Some quotes from various leading human rights groups and agencies about how Indian forces regularly torment the innocent people of Kashmir:


"Torture methods most frequently cited (against Kashmiris) were beatings often with canes, and, less frequently, suspension by the wrists or ankles, electric shocks and rape."   

- Amnesty International Report 


"Methods of torture include severe beatings, electric shock, suspension by the feet or hands, stretching the legs apart, burning with heated objects and sexual molestation. One common form of torture involves crushing the leg muscles with a heavy wooden roller."

- Physicians for Human Rights


"Detainees arrested by the Indian Army and paramilitary forces in Jammu and Kashmir are usually taken to special interrogation centres, where torture is reportedly routine. Their relatives are not told where they are and do not know where to look for them."

 - Amnesty International


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