Stop the terrorists... help Macedonia


innocent people are dying and no one is doing anything... if nothing less, at least get informed at

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War is a terrible thing and no one knows it untill it happens. We are a small nation but we are united and we go through a living hell every day under the rains of bullets. Many young Macedonian soldiers and innocent victims have died during the terrorist attacks. They are people like you and they have families who can only cry over their loved one`s graves and pray to God that the aggresion will be soon over, so there won`t be any more victims.

Stop the lies from the mediums, because they are only interested in profiting on other peoples lives. Don`t let be fooled by the lies of how the terrorist are fighting for their rights. They are extremists and their only goal is to extinct the Macedonian people so they could take over our country. They are helped by the muslim mafia who hires merceneries to fight other people`s war.

This is a message to NATO, the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT, the MEDIUMS and all the people who spread lies about us and only want their personal interest.
- You think that you are strong and think that you can do everything you want, but we know you and you better pray that there is no war in your country, because only then you will see what is it like to fear for your life and the lives of your family.
- You say that you want to help us, and come to our country proclaiming that you want peace, but you let the terrorists from Kosovo from the borders that you are guarding.
- You let the NATO troups in our country to be observers and not to defend us from the aggressors.
- You don`t want us to declare a military condition in our country for it will be your fault
because the terrorist are comming from Kosovo and it is under your jurisdiction.

Don`t think that we dont know anything and that we will sit quietly while our people dies for other man`s cause.
We will fight back and this is our response if you continue with your wrong doings, we shall contiunie to take over your servers, because we have no choice. Our voices will be heard and it is going to spread all over the world untill somebody help us.

The truth shall set us free !



The country is unbelievably green and breathtakingly gorgeous; its people are hospitable and welcome visitors.
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The story continues with tears and screams. Eight young persons were tortured alive, with hands and other organs cut off. They were not just killed, they were massacred and let die in pains. Is that your picture of a human-rights-fighter? We need you help. Will we ever get it? Or, maybe, you just don't care?
see how the terroriss masacred them 

Albanians want to have half of the Balcan (including Macedonia, Serbia, Crna Gora and Greece)
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