Subex 0wnz j00!

Whoops Lookie what I did.. Mrs.Hacket said I can 0wn a b0x, if I be g00d. And then I 0wned a b0x,and tell
admin he has a biggy problem. and I backed-up his old index's, And told him that if he need help he can Email
us at: and look mommy! I did it all without damaging anything! can I go
outside and play with Ne0 and morphious n0w? we are gonna fight that bad guy agent smith! and I'm gonna
fuck that women in tha red dress, and talk to gramma 0racle and hear her bullshit about muh future.


Nothing on this box been harmed. Index's was backed-up. If help or tips is needed on
securing Email us at: Other then that, Have a fun being a Sysadmin
if that what you call hard work, and dont forget to secure. ;)


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