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-Jesus! Get me "The Google" quick......I see a name..its coming to me...i can't see it clear...its...MakHack??!!!@*!@#^$*...    [God will now show his mad reading skillz and read you what we sent him]                                                                                                                                                    



Hallo God .It's us, the Macedonians. Yeah.. the ones tortured for years. Yes, yes we did get our independency 10 years ago, we agreed to live in peace with the Serbs, the greeks and the Albanians. Offcourse we celebrate Easter every year. Heh, that's a good one, God.Well we won't take your time, we know that you have other things to do, but we got to tell you something. We are in crisis again. The Albanians have formed terrorist troops and attack our cities, burn our houses and murder our children. Yes.. after all we did for them. We took their refugees for a half year and cared about them, for Christ's sake. Oh btw say hallo to Jesus from us, we mention him every time we watch the news. We are helpless God. Please help us! What?? The European Union??? The Department of Justice??? Xavier Solanna??? Oh...they just come here, drink our wine, eat our trouts, smile and say something like "This is very bad.. you poor poor macedonians...we'll give you some weapons we saved from World War I ". So what do we do now God??? Should we wait for the smartasses in expensive suites sitting in their fur chairs and tickling their big big tummies to say something like: "GO AHEAD MACEDONIANS...DEFEND YOUR COUNTRY...ELIMINATE ALL THOSE F*****S ... WE SUPPORT YOU" Please tell us, cause nobody else cares.Not convinced??? Well hit alt+F2, type "console". Now see that [root@heaven]# ?? Now type lynx and then follow the links below.. What??? Windows Explorer??? Ohhh God, get Linux please. You don't want a bad reputation down here for being Microsoft's fan eh? Ooohhkay :))) Now take a look at this ones and decide whether the world should help us or not.


Image 1: Burning Mountain

Image 2: Children are supposed to run on this pavement...

Image 3: No one messes with our special forces :-)))


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Final word...

Why can we all live in peace and democracy??? Why is the anger and hate always here???.The Albanians follow the Pepsi commercial that says: ASK FOR MORE. Macedonia aint no non-alcoholic drink. We are people, just like you. We go to school, office, play soccer in the evenings, take our girlfriends out for a drink and what the hell...spend the whole night in front of our PC. Our country may be poor, but we are not complaining about it. We just want to live in peace and do what we do without being afraid that some terrorist will jump of a car and shoot the hell out of his Kalashnykov in our head. We deserve that, dont we??





Just telling the truth: BrainBug & |Atomic|

Shoutz: #MakHack hommies, G



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