Hacked by RyDen .
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Hacked by RyDen .
I like Russia
Admin ,don't worry ,be happy . Files were not corrupted ,private information was NOT downloaded ,but logs were cleaned.
Want join us? Mail us, but please,we think you are not lame:  ry_den@hushmail.com
Special greets to UKRteam ,and all people who approve China hackers in their works against ...
(you know what I mean)
Also greets to www.alldas.de and www.attrition.org - the best mirrored sites .
Fuck to PoisonB0X and everyone from China-Project ,for hijacking China sites , .Also fuck to www.xakep.ru .Lame resourse for lame people. And big fuck for all people who approve terrorism over the world and especially against RUSSIA.