Uh-oh mr. big bad china looks like hackweiser just made you look like a fool in front of all of your internet buddies!
Imagine tomorrow around the water cooler when all your work cohorts are chatting it up about how well they are doing their job and then you get called into the bosses office.
Uh oh the boss sounds a bit angry :(.
You walk into your bosses office thinking "What could have possibly gone wrong?" the he pulls up the company's webpage and says "Missuh wing dang who are deese hackwhysar peopul en why are they on my webprage?!"
Then you see the webpage and realize "oohhh rooo i have breen hracked!"
Then you wet your pants and scramble for an idea on how to fix it and you realize that you were a good admin and kept logs...not so quick sonny jim!
You pull up /var/log and realize it's not there!
All you can do now is cry and realize that yes, like many others, Hackweiser has owned you!
And one final message weren't hacked because we don't like you, if we met you on the street we might even get drunk with you, but i seriously doubt it. You were hacked for the cyber war of the united states vs. china. You may now commence crying again.
The final solution is approaching, be warned.
For all you gay chinese psuedo hacker fucks, why don't you check out your beloved pilot Buffalo Wing Ding was doing and why he got hit:
Your pilot deserved to die and he can burn in hell forever.
it's his own fault now giv ethe fucking plane back!