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What a predicament th is whole cyber war has gotten the digital world into..
On one side you got some crazy chinese p at they will not be able to reach valuable .gov websites since they are built on the three layer system and they leave only commercial boxes on the top layer.
On the other side you have the FBI allegedly hunting people who practice patriotism and take pride in their country as a sort of peace offering for the already pissed off china.
A couple defacers aren't going to stop a cyber war, on distill the effects temporarily until it erupts into a full blown war both on the digital and physical front.
Seeing china threaten the united states in a realm where we dwell supreme and then seeing the united states hackers fight back with the force of a hundred men shows that we will fight for what we believe in and we are a force to be reconed with.
China: we'll see you on may 1st for the 1st time. If you do ddos attack the united states, you will regret it. Hackweiser has been holding back on hitting your domains to an extent, but if you decide to packet the united states then we will hold back no longer and you will feel the wrath of the blood bath.
Hackweiser Asian Domination y2k1!
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