LinuxLover Hacked This Site :)


Dear defacers,

I'd just like to say some words about egypt. Hacking from egypt is real fun guys. you dont have to worry about FBI or so, coz there'snt any or maybe hacking isnt considered a crime here yet. you dont have to go through chains of proxies, connect directly to your target with your bare ip, just disconnect , come back and you get your new ip addresse :) and dont worry, they wont keep the logs , it eats up disk space you know lol. even if you got caught ( and it never happened before ) i dont think there are any rules against hacking yet.

Am just saying this hoping they wake up or something


Greetingz to : SLACKo, Realist, PROJECTGAMMA and me LinuxLover :)

Fuck You to : Egyptian Education :( and all bloody israelian jews

Special thanks to X-10-SION for his logos



Admin : Dont just restore your site back and think that's enough (as many others did), at least patch your system.

Nothing was damaged, No files were deleted, Original index was backed-up here, for more info