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The media has taken a liking to this whole predicament and it even seems as if the american papers are taking pride that we have stepped up to combat america's reputation tooth and nail.
We do feel sorry that your pilot died and quite frankly he can burn in hell and none of this was supposed to happen, but since you publically threatend then infrastructure of our digital front then we must combat you on human instinct.
China has stepped up and we are waiting to see if they can combat the force of the american hackers, which we seriously doubt since you were hit on such a large scale.
IF the attack on Labor day and on the date of the embassy bombing in bejing do occur then you will see the forces that america posses. Hackweiser has been holding back to an extent waiting for you to attack us, if you do you will regret it.
now for the rumor that the fbi is hunting for the heads of pr0phet and pb0x, well think about it fbi...sending China a couple defacers isn't going to stop a cyber war that has already been supposidly strategically planned, only distill the effects temporarily until it erupts into a full blown war both on the digital and physical front.
Seeing china threaten the united states in a realm where we dwell supreme and then seeing the united states hackers fight back with such a furious force shows that we are not a nationality to be threatened on the digital warfront.
We got a good kick out of the boxes name you silly azn's:
[I have no name!@game /root]
Hackweiser Asian Domination y2k1!
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